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My Son Could Not Play

Having played in the highest level of hockey I knew how wet my equipment could get. As my son hit his junior year he started to play away from home having been drafted.

It was after Christmas that first season when he started to get legions on his skin. They went from pimple like size and grew and his skin was flaky one minute then too extreme the other way.

He became too itchy to even play. As he would start to sweat he would just rash right up and become too itchy to even skate. We consulted physicians and it would start to go away and then be right back as soon as he suited up.

I contacted the others. SaniSport machine did absolutely nothing. He had it cleaned and then put it on and guess what. Back to the drawing board. We washed his equipment at home and he did it in the sink. Nothing but increased itching! Larger rashes, skin flaking and those pimple/boils showing up.

We finally contacted Athletic Clean. Unreal is what comes to mind. They show up at the rink. Present what they are going to do to the equipment manager, so he is in the loop. They explain the process, take the gear, then return it the following day! MY SON HAS BEEN FINE PEOPLE! I am not playing around. The kid has been since traded and we still get that gear processed by Athletic Clean monthly.

The price to clean his equipment compared to him missing games do not even compare. My son will play in the show where I played and when he does it will be due to the effort of us finding Athletic Clean and their incredible process.

S.C. - Belleville/Toronto/Barrie - OHL

November's Hockey Clean Customer Message

For years I used the ozone cleaning service. No, they didn´t come to my house and pick up, but I could go into the store, get it processed while I shopped and thought I was doing the right thing and a good job. The problem was by the time I was putting my gloves on within the third game I could smell them again. I just thought that was how it worked and even one of the staff members at the store I use said that I could expect that but that it didn´t mean it wasn´t clean.

Over time I met a teammate who used Hockey Clean. I could not believe the difference. Then when he told me they picked up from his work and returned it to his home I knew I had to check them out. That was this past September and I just sent it in again and is the reason I am writing this today. My skate laces were destroyed, this time when my skates came back there was a new set of laces, to exact size I prefer, in there along with my old ones rolled up nicely inside each skate. Also, the foam in my helmet was loose in one spot and now it was reattached. YES, the gear is much cleaner than the ozone, I mean, of course it is, they don´t gas it, they scrub it, they clean it, but it is the extra added touches and care and concern that blow me out of the water.

All I can say is try it out. All the talk in the world, especially the hockey world, means nothing until you try it. It is second to none, period.

J.K. - Toronto - ASHL

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September's Hockey Clean Customer Message

I kid you not when I tell you that I could not go into my own house! My son and daughter are on the same team and even though they are only 8 and 9 my living-room was rancid.

My husband had seen the Hockey Clean banner at Scotiabank Pond when talking to Andrew the manager and grabbed a flyer. THANK GOD!

We did this in three steps. I emailed, they responded - step one. The following morning they picked up the equipment - step two. Then I was emailed and it was returned back to us that second morning and we paid - step three.

I now have convinced my kids´ coaches and parents to come on board. Guess what? Now my two kids get their gear cleaned for the team referral! AWESOME BUSINESS HOCKEY CLEAN!

M.P. - Toronto - GTHL

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November's Horsey Clean Customer Message

Hello, my name is Karin and I want to share with you my experience at Greenhawk and in using the Horsey Clean service available there.

We have a small stable of six horses who are turned out every day and each horse has two seasonal blankets each. We took our blankets into the Greenhawk when we realised they had this service. We thought, lets try it out with two first and see how they do.

So, in we went, dropped them off on the Wednesday and by that Saturday Horsey Clean staff were calling to inquire about the repairs we had requested, what we wanted done exactly and what our budget was. They did this before doing the work to be sure we would be acceptable to the additional costs; which was only $10, but they called!

That following Thursday there was a call on the voicemail saying my blankets were ready for pick up at the Greenhawk where we had dropped off. I was floored to be honest. The experience from start to finish made me feel involved in what I was spending, how my work was being completed and when it was ready for pick up. Very well done Horsey Clean and kudos to Greenhawk for propagating such an amazing third party service offering to enhance the experience there at the store level. Well done by all!

K. G. - Beamsville - Horsey Clean

September's Horsey Clean Customer Message

When I was asked to share my experience with the Horsey Clean service available at Greenhawk in Ottawa (Nepean) I could not have been happier. To tell it right I go back six years!

I would get nervous in the past taking my blankets even to the laundry mat. You just don´t know how it will come out. At any rate, I went into Ottawa and stopped in at the Greenhawk. I learned of the service they had started and decided to give it a try on two of my most destroyed blankets. One was a sheet and the other a stable blanket that were at least five years old and quite tattered. I though if they can repair this and get it back into use I would use them for it all.

I could not believe what happened. The following week I get a phone call from Horsey Clean staff telling me my blankets are ready for pick up. I go, pick them up and they were all sealed! I get them back to the barn and take them out. Unreal! They basically rebuilt one blanket and the other was repaired and straps were able to be used again. I was so pleased with the end result of the cleaning too. What a difference.

Long story short, I have been loyal to this service now at my Greenhawk for the last six years and probably have sixty blankets serviced there annually. I would refer anyone who enjoys being treated with the old school service of fast turn around with top level end results.

K. M - Ottawa - Horsey Clean

Horsey Clean

The Service Is What I Love!

Simply put the Service is what made me a constant customer. I easily bring in over 20 blankets per month to Greenhawk for full service. Repairs, water treatment, more repairs and obviously, washing.

I love how they call me when it has arrived back. I love the fact that I get it back anywhere from one to two weeks from drop off time. My previous service sometimes had some of my blankets for up to three or four months and I am not kidding. Horsey Clean providing the service to Greenhawk makes it so easy and truthfully, it is seamless. I urge you to get your blankets into a bag and get them to your Greenhawk. In a week you will fully understand what I am talking about!

A. M. - Peterborough - Horsey Cleaen

Horsey Cleaen

Revived Hockey Gear!

When I tell you this story you might think I am making this up for the purpose to give a good story. But, the real truth is it is all 100% fact.

I played junior hockey in 1955. I still had my shin pads and shoulder pads that I used from that time. I met the Hockey Clean clan in 2006. If you do the math you will realise how old this equipment is. At the time it was 51 years later it was still in use!

I asked if they could re-fill the shin pads with the baton and muslin fabric originally used and to repair my shoulder pads the same way as well. Two weeks later to my absolute surprise the gear was back and it felt like it did in 1955! The padding was soft and perfect while still providing me with the protection I felt I needed. The shoulder pads were completely taken apart and reconstructed back to how they were on day one less some paint.

I was so pleased and the cost was under $120!

It goes to show you can not only teach an old dog a new trick but you can keep an old dog in old gear - but new!

A. R. - Toronto - Hockey Clean

Hockey Clean