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On February 2nd 2009 John Grnat and the Knighthawks stated, ā€¯Grant had developed a serious staph infection in his knee from an earlier issue. Even after being told about his injury by the doctor, Grant still just wanted to play and asked if he could play in a game later that night. "They kind of looked at me like I was crazy, but that's kind of just the way I am. I just wanted to know how soon I was going to be able to play and he was like, 'You won't be playing any time soon,'" said Grant. The Knighthawks forward's knee continued to get worse, with his condition getting dire enough that he could have lost his life. However, Grant does not dwell on this or let it hold him back. "They tell me it was near fatal, [but] I never really pay much attention. I try not to think about that stuff; as athletes, you figure you'll always be able to play," said reported by Chris DiMatteo for NLL Online.

Later in 2014 on July 4th the Canadian Lacrosse Association announced due to Grants previous injury with the staph infection he would have to be sidelined during the competition. Devestating to Grant and the whole team!

As we have learned when we study each sport the common denominator is the same. The gear cannot be masked, gassed or just dried. Yes, at least having the mindset is part of the battle, however, to win this war one MUST be proactive rather than reactive. We have seen what happens to being reactive, as has John Grant. It can cause your reactions to last years. Get ahead of infection by protecting yourself. Create a program with Athletic Clean and Lacrossse Clean for your team, individual or league equipment.

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Lacrosse Clean works!

YOU CAN BE SAFE 100% of the time!

When you get your lacrosse gear processed with us you can know, 100%, that you have now put to work a proactive formula that will prove to keep your equipment hygienic and clean! What does that mean? It means you are doing your part, with your gear, to keep yourself safe which in turn means your teammates and those you play against.

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When you do it be sure to let your teammates and coaches know what you are doing to keep infection out of your dressing room. Get your team on board and get your gear for free. That is right! We give a free cleaning every time to the person who organizes full team orders so get them all involved and save!

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