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Equestrian Hygiene

Be proactive with your horse and yourself with Horsey Clean. Visit your local Greenhawk and get your horse blankets in today!

Some of the Brands We Clean & Repair

"Keep It Clean In Between" Tips

Order ACF1 Zeo-Zero



Eliminate noxious odours in your hockey bag or sports bag.

ACF1 Zeo-Zero Puck: Noxious Odour Captivator. Simply place it in your hockey or sports bag. It captures the noxious odours your gear emits. Note: Hang up your equipment when you get home and take out the Zeo-Zero then put it in the sun to recharge; that is it!

Avoid Wet Gloves and Gear



Either make a tree or have us put together a Keep It Clean In Between...

...drying rack for your home. They take up 18" in width and can hang on any stable bar.

Keep It Clean In Between Air Raider


Drying Racks:

These are made per order and ship within 7 days of order and payment.

Your 'Keep It Clean In Between Air Raider' will allow you to store and dry your gear as soon as you arrive at home. Be sure to allow for the weight on whichever pole system you use to hang it on.

Our Associations

Gibson´s Cleaners
Buckingham Sports Properties
Greenhawk Harness and Equestrian Supply

We Are "FALL" Of Suprises in 2019 into 2020!

Your Gear Stinks!

2016-17 Season Hockey Gear Specials & Service

2 Cleaning Special + Skate Sharpening $25 Savings!
  • 2 Full Set Cleanings
  • All Throughout the 2019-20 Season
  • 2 Skate Sharpenings Included

$ 135/+HST Senior Players

$ 180/+HST Senior Goalies

Order Now
Team Packages

Full Team Package
10 Players + 1 Goalie

11 Cleanings + Skate Sharpening
  • 2 Day Service (pick up Monday back Wednesday)
  • Everything In The Bag Including The Bag
  • One Skate Sharpen Per Person Included

$ 650.00+HST

$ 60.00+HST Each Additional Player

Book Now

5 Sets for Price of 4

Prepaid Plan
  • Predetermined Schedule
  • Very Proactive Hygienic Program
  • Cost Effective savings $90

$ 300+HST

$ 540 +HST 10-4-8 Pricing

Order Now

General Equipment and Horse Blanket Protocols

Dropping Off & Picking Up Horse Blankets

1. Pack your blankets into large garbage bags.

2. Ensure you have properly inventoried your blankets and have it written down or in your mobile device to reference when dropping off.

3. Predetermine which blankets and items will require any repairs or water treatments.

4. Drop blankets off at your nearest Greenhawk Harness & Equestrian Supply.

5. Your Greenhawk staff member will inform you of your locations´ pick up and return day, or click the above link to go right to the page for service days. Service is weekly, so, generally speaking blankets are returned back within a 10 day turn around period dependent on when you drop them off.

6. When your blankets are returned to your Greenhawk location you will be notified by phone that they are in and ready for pick up.

7. Please note that if you are among a stable where there are 20 or more blankets we will be happy to provide pick up from your location. Simply notify your local Greenhawk of the pick up location and date requested. They will explain the process and protocols. That is all you need to do as we will follow up in short order to confirm the pick up date and time! EASY!

Hockey & Protective Equipment

1. Call 705-435-0755 or email

2. We will confirm your requested date and time for pick up or direct you to the nearest Buckingham Sports Property (if convenient) so you can drop off and pick up via the drop zone at each ProShop. Naturally, we will always pick up if this is your preference.

3. When scheduling inform the staff when you need it back by. Preferred is 48 hours for scheduling purposes, however, we will happily provide 24 hour turn around if needed.

4. Athletic Clean´s staff will pick the gear up at the prearranged location and perform a quick inventory which must be signed off by yourself for insurance. Please advise the Athletic Clean Staff if you require any repairs, repair quotations, re-palming of gloves or skate sharpening when they pick up your equipment. Demonstrate to the staff where the repairs are needed as well.

5. Once your gear is in our shop you will receive an email notifying you of your inventory once again as well as an itemized invoice. If you decide to pay by Online Email Interac then we ask that it is completed in advance of the predetermined return date.

6. Your equipment will be returned at the prearranged date and payment will also be collected at that time. Equipment will not be dropped off unless payment is received.

Hours of Operations

  • Monday9:00AM - 5:00PM
  • Tuesday9:00AM - 9:00PM
  • Wednesday9:00AM - 9:00PM
  • Thursday9:00AM - 9:00PM
  • Friday9:00AM - 9:00PM
  • Saturday9:00AM - 9:00PM
  • Sunday9:00AM - 2:00PM

Note: Emails are generally answered around the clock so we encourage you to email us with any and all requests.

Hockey Players Shooting