Athletic Clean

Full Blanket Cleaning, Repairs and Water Treatment Weekly Service

Nicole from Greenhawk explains the different types blankets, uses and questions to ask yourself when buying new blankets.

How we help:

Blanket Hygiene, Personal safety, Horse Safety, Longer Blanket Life

How we do it:

Weekly, In Cold Water, Room Temperature Drying, Repaired, Water Treated, Returned Sealed in Bag

What we do it in:

Phosphate free, hypo allergenic, eco safe formula designed for cold water wash called ACF1.

For over seven years Athletic Clean/Horsey Clean has been the exclusive service provider to Greenhawk Harness and Equestrian Supply all throughout Ontario. Greenhawk, a national retailer in all aspects of the equestrian world and number one in Canada, receives weekly service all across Ontario at 17 locations. Those locations are listed with weekly drop off and pick up days. We look forward to receiving any and all your horse blankets and personal tack for processing at our facilities.

Blanket Rates - Stables/Barns - Rules of Engagement

Regular Rates - 1 Week Turn Around

Horsey Clean Rates.

Barn-Stable Pick Up & Return

If you have 20 or more blankets for pick up at your barn we will come to you!

Simply contact your local Greenhawk, convey how many items you have then based on the day your store has pick up and drop off, we will coordinate to have your location picked up on that same day or within close proximity


If this doesn't work then an alternate can be arranged for an additional delivery charge. Thereafter you need to bag up all your blankets and label them with your name, stable or farm name as well as your local Greenhawk name.

Next, between the day of the pick up and the return the following week to two weeks, you will need to go into the Greenhawk to pay your fees. We will notify you of your return date so that you are prepared for our arrival of your freshly cleaned blankets!

Rules of Engagement

When it comes to the service we provide through our partnership with Greenhawk things can actually get technical. Please read through the information below to be familiar with how the whole service works.

Delivery Concerns

1. During months of bad weather Horsey Clean has a policy that when snow accumulation is more than 5 cm then we cancel the delivery until the following week. If you have blankets you are expecting back we will contact you directly to make you aware of the changes that have had to be initiated.

2. If the following week the weather remains in the same state then we will contact you and we will have the blankets returned on an alternate day in efforts to negate not being able to return the blankets for another week.

Repairs : Hardware

3. Larger repairs may take more time. When this is the case our staff will contact you directly to make you aware of what the situation is and receive direction from you as to how to proceed. The same is the case when the blanket repair is going to be 30% or more o the value of the blanket. We will contact you, make you aware of the extensive repairs needed to make the blanket functional again and you can advise at that time as to how to proceed. We will not perform the repairs until we receive direction from you. If we aren't able to reach you and you do not call back then the blanket will be held back until we are able to do so.

4. When it comes to your repairs you decide how we do it. If you prefer only new hardware then please be sure to put a "check mark" in the appropriate area of the inventory form when you submit your blankets in to Greenhawk. If you do not check the box then we will use new, provided your brand and type of hardware is in stock, if not, then we replace your broken hardware with the same type, however, used.

Blankets Beyond Hope

5. When you have a blanket come in and you aren't sure whether or not it can be fixed we review it and then contact you to speak with you about it. If we cannot repair it and there is no hope we will either send that blanket back to you OR we can tag it with your name and information and then whenever you have another blanket come in we will use your old one to recycle the parts and material (if need be) to use it in repairing your other blankets. It keeps your costs down, less waste and you get it out of your tack room!

6. Extra blankets? Okay, you probably don't have extra blankets, but you may have old torn and ripped up useless blankets taking up space that you could use. So, if you would like, we will be happy to take those off your hands! Simply bag them up and drop them off at your local Greenhawk and we will recycle them for parts and materials. Again, this keeps costs down for everyone, gets it out of your way and causes less waste. All good!

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