Here's Why...

The Stink

1 - Bugs Eat Your Sweat

MRSA (Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus) are microbes that thrive on sweat. It will eat your sweat and then excrete it back on your gear; hence that noxious smell! It is a ticking time-bomb!

2 - Time Tells No Lies

That rancid smell your olfactory senses are complaining about is serious. The heavier the odour the higher the microbial count, which means, it has been on your gear for a prolonged period of time.

3 - Equipment Deterioration

13 harmful contaminates have been detected when testing hockey equipment. Over time the microbes, due to colonization and growth, deteriorate your gear and the life span of the equipment.

4 - Protective

Based on our previous points we know, that over time, our equipment integrity is breached when microbes, in volume, exist. If straps, Velcro and other means of securing your gear are jeopardized this means you are at risk. Think about that. What does a shot off the shin bone really feel like?

The Stink Solution - ACF1

Formula ACF1

Formula ACF1

ACF1 has been clinically proven in the Mt. Sinai Microbiology department repeatedly.

Testing concludes that 100% of the harmful microbes found on the equipment were eliminated after being processed in the eco safe, hypo allergenic and phosphate free formula.

It is clear why we clean everything in the bag including the bag. In doing so any chance of previous microbial growth being reactivated is eliminated. Think of the hockey bag as a container holding it all. Makes sense the bag would HAVE to be cleaned too doesn't it?

The Process

Gear that jumps out (the really rank stuff) gets special attention with a pre-scrub in ACF1.

All equipment is processed in cold water completely. It is through this process of scrubbing and extracting the build up of sweat, dirt and microbes that we ensure all build up is eliminated and off of your equipment.

The gloves, helmet, goalie pads, hard body hockey bags, catcher and blockers, skates, laces and insoles are all completed by hand in cold water and thoroughly rinsed.

Hockey pants, soft bags, shin pads, elbow pads, athletic support, garments and laundry are processed in our custom extractors.

All is processed in the clinically proven ACF1.

Once the equipment has been processed completely in the ACF1 formula it then goes into the Air Raider Chamber to dry. The Air Raider Chamber dries the equipment in an environment no less than 2.5% moisture in the air with a consistent air exchange taking place. The ensures that all your gear, from your skates to your helmet, shin-serts and pants are thoroughly dried and ready to wear upon return. We then package up your laundry and gear and send it back home to you.

Rates & Service Offering

Individual Rates

Junior Players: $70.00+ HST/DEL

Junior Goalies: $110.00+HST/DEL

Senior Players: $95.00+HST/DEL

Senior Goalies: $120.00+HST/DEL

Repairs: $0.43/minute+HST

Skate Sharpening: $7.00+HST

Goalie Equipment (Blocker/Catcher/Pads) Polishing: $90.00+HST


5-4-4: Is exactly what it sounds like. When you order a pick up with five sets of hockey equipment you get one for free. So group your pals together and save some dough! The Prepaid Program works the same way, but for yourself over the course of time (usually one year). Once again, save yourself some dough and be hygienic!

$300+HST/DEL (All Prepaid Program participants get a free sharpen with each clean if requested.)

We will work with you to custom fit a program into your schedules throughout your season. Talk with your representative about the cost effective savings, how to raise funds to support the program and the benefits in bringing our service to your organization. We will be happy to also provide your organization with a sample cleaning as well as a lab analysis validating what we do and how we do it exclusively to your group!
Additional Services & Repairs

Hockey Clean provides full repair to all brands and pieces of equipment. We strive to be sure to use nothing but OEM or equivalent fabrics and parts.

Most repairs needed, generally, take only a few minutes to complete and are not more than $5-$10. Whenever a repair is equal to or greater than 30% of the repurchase value we will recommend getting a new piece of equipment, however, many times, customers request to have their original equipment repaired because they prefer it. That is fine, we just request you provide that instruction when we are doing the work.

Repairs are $25/hr or $0.43/per minute plus parts if needed such as goalie straps, clips etc. Skate sharpening is $7.00 per pair. Gloves are re-palmed in pairs only, not individually, and are $70.00 per pair. You can choose to have reinforced horse hide leather palms or Clarino (most gloves on the shelf use Clarino we suggest using the leather as a replacement for longevity).

Repairs can take longer in return time. If parts are need this can delay things. If so, we can sometimes provide you with temporary equipment. Let us know we will figure it out based on the repairs and keep you going. Please be sure to let your pick up driver know of your repair needs and we will advise accordingly in the event you are on the ice sooner than the repairs can be completed.

How To Order Service & Drop Zones

Pick Up & Drop Off

Home and Work Pick Up

We will pick up from your home and return to your home.

We will pick up from your work and return there as well.

For teams we will pick up after a skate and return before the next one. NOTE:Allow us to have full team equipment for 48 hours from time of pick up.

There is a $15 delivery charge for pick up and drop off at a minimum and depending on your location that may be increased. Ask your rep to be sure of any additional delivery charges that may apply. Service requires no less than 24 hours for return time, however, we prefer 48 hours if possible. There is no additional charge for 24 hour return time but we must be informed 24 hours in advance of the pick up to ensure the one day turn around time.

Schedule Your Pick Up Below

Buckingham Sports Properties

Buckingham Sports Properties

We have been partnered with Buckingham Sports for five years and encourage you to go into any of the pro shops and drop your equipment off at the Pro Shops.

Generally your gear will be returned within 48 hours, however, we will meet a 24 hour deadline if needed at no additional charge.

Store To Door

Store to Door

If you need to drop your equipment at a Buckingham location and have it returned elsewhere, be it home, work or another arena, not to worry. We will return your equipment where you need it to be.

Rarely is there an additional charge for delivery, but, we will notify you in advance if any additional charges would apply.

Rules of Engagement

All pick up and returns must be ordered 24 hours in advance of the pick up time. If return times are changed they may be subject to additional delivery charges. Rates do not include HST or delivery. Delivery fees vary dependent on location. You will be advised of this in advance.

Leave everything in your equipment bag and take nothing out. Everything is sanitized from mouth guards and water bottles to all pieces of equipment and clothing. This includes under garments as well as jerseys and socks. If there are more than 20 clothing items it is subject to an additional $10 charge.