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Football is played across North America from kids on up to the pros. Infectious microbial growth doesn't care if you are a child or a pro though! We have found through medical papers, being contacted and our service that due to the greater opportunity of scrapes and cuts in the game of football that infection is more common than some other sports we cater to.

Athletic Clean brings the solution to keeping your gear and if you are a coach or team manager, the whole team, through our hygienic process to the football equipment, dressing rooms and event he astro turf on the playing fields.

Football Clean How´s and Why´s



Individual: $35 Plus $10 Delivery

Group Rate: 5 or More $35 Plus $2.50 Delivery

Scheduled Team/League/Association: Customized pricing based on program schematic. Talk to your rep and see what can be created exclusively for your organization or team.

We also provide full training room programs as well as shower and change room hygienic processing. Please talk to your rep about what programs or tests can be completed to validate service initiation.

"The tests we had come back made us move on this. After having three of our key players out with staph infections we knew, without a doubt after the results, we were on board. This year, one infection, over in record time compared to any in the past all due to having our team's gear hygienically cleaned with Football Clean".

Universities in Ontario experienced a great deal of staph infections (MRSA-Methicillin Resistant Staph aureus and the "staph" is actually Staphylococcus aureus) throughout 2012-2014.

To combat this schools are working with Athletic Clean by creating programs where hygienic processing of their equipment caters to the season's schedule ensuring the safest and most hygienic practices.

Athletic Clean will work and create the timelines that suits your team/school/league or association allowing the service to flow without interruption to the players and their time on the field.

There was a study conducted in the mid 2000s focused on three years and the results for that time were numbing. The number of reported cases of MRSA we high enough, not to mention the number of not reported cases based on just not knowing what it was or is, however, we do know that at least 1/3 of the reported cases represent what is not reported. (

The article also goes on to explain why this happens, how the transference takes place and much more, including steps to take to avoid becoming infected. Although preventative measures are outlined, it only explains to not share towels, equipment and other gear, but what it does not explain is the method of keeping equipment hygienically processed.

That is where we come in. Yes, equipment managers and trainers do their best to ensure all players and staff are safe, these microbes exist and get in everywhere. Knowing this is an advantage and we eliminate these bugs by our formula ACF1 and do it on 100% of the equipment we process.

``He told me he was paralyzed,'' Baker said. ``I said, `What do you mean? I just saw you walk to the bathroom two hours ago.' And he said, `Mom, I can't move my arms or legs.''' - This from a mother who was talking to her son in Bloomberg Texas. Sixteen-year-old Boone, a wide receiver for Texas's Austin High School, was suffering from a recurrence of methicillin- resistant staphylococcus aureus, or MRSA, which his doctor said he got through an abrasion while playing football on artificial turf, Baker said.

Texas has artificial turf at 18 percent of its high school football stadiums, according to Web site It also has an MRSA infection rate among players that is 16 times higher than the estimated national average, according to three studies by the Texas Department of State Health Services. Clearly significant.

Upon testing completion of an Athletic Clean treatment on AstroTurf fields within the Toronto region, it was confirmed, that all areas where there had been Staphylococcus on the field there was a ZERO result in the after tests. This 100% clinically proven method eliminating the problem. Teams will not loose players, players will have their health and the transference is eliminated.

Start Cleaning It Up Today!

The bottom line is the time is now to take control. Even if you or your team have not had an experience with infections be it as one or a group, you need to be proactive to prevent this from happening to your players, yourself and your staff.

Football Clean and Athletic Clean provide the means to plan, schedule and map out a program that is custom fitted. Contact us now to start the process and get your team or your own equipment in top notch shape by having it hygienically processed by the best. You are not second best, your players are not second best, so do not settle for second best. Do it right the first time and save money, time and lives!