About Athletic Clean

Athletic Clean is a top tier hygienic processing service based company delivering a clinically proven end result to each and every customer. Unlike others in the marketplace, Athletic Clean doesn´t provide a gimmick or a masking to your equipment; we provide a proven, true end result with a proactive ingredient in our formula. ACF1, has stood the test of time for ten years. We encourage all who play sports to order our service up. Do not be fooled by fans and sprays, as there is nothing to those but money out the door. Get in the game by getting your gear in, fully and unquestionably sanitized and good to go.

We pride ourselves in our clients satisfaction. If you are tired of spending money on things that don´t work then stop it today when it comes to your equipment. Get it in and let us prove what we say to you! You will be glad you did.

Some Stats

7000+ Blankets Cleaned Annually 100%
Over 8000 Sets of Hockey Gear Cleaned 100%
121,000+ KM's Travelled Annually 100%
4650 Repairs Annually 100%

Why clean it and why does it smell?

So many do not realise the cause of the smell on your equipment. Bacteria eats available consumables, such as sweat, then, it excretes it back on the surface or wherever it takes place. Your hockey gloves, helmet, skates, hockey bag and, well, you get the idea. It gets everywhere and compounds exponentially. That statement answers both questions doesn´t it?

After a very short incubation period bacteria, or as we like to call them, the bugs compound and consume more food sources. As they do they also compound in their excrement creating a noxious odour that is tough to remove. Tough that is until you get tough and send your gear in to us to deal with it!

Considering many of the harmful contaminates found on equipment can be passed around via the air it is important for you own safety as well as that of your teammates to be proactive rather than reactive in the event of an infection.

  • Bateria Under Electro Microscope

Kids to Adults

The bugs on our gear have no respect as to whom they latch on or how old they or what sex they are. This means if we use protective equipment in our sports, (aside from our clothes), then we need to be sure to keep it hygienic and clean.

Throughout our lab tests we have conclusively found that regardless of age or sex, of the 13 primary harmful contaminates found on equipment, that they ALL show up on all levels of equipment.

We encourage families who play sports utilizing protective sports equipment to call and create a family program. The same goes for teams or any group playing consistently together. In doing so the opportunity of cross contamination is minimized and keeps everyone proactive, protective and safe. The ACF1 formula is hypo allergenic and eco safe. You can be confident that your gear will have a clean aroma while still feeling comfortable and fit properly without any adverse reactions for those with sensitive skin.

  • Keep It Clean

Horse Blanket Service: Catering to 16 Locations Province Wide

As we have entered into year 12 of business we also enter into our 10th season with Greenhawk Harness and Equestrian Supply as well! It has been an outstanding developmental relationship as the patronage to the stores has grown to the point where we have seen shy of 200 blankets in one single day´s pick up!

We encourage you to get your dirty blankets into your local Greenhawk and have them cleaned, repaired and water treated as needed. Service is geared for weekly pick up and return from Ottawa to Essex weekly!

  • Equestrian Hygiene

We Encourage Leagues and Teams To Clean It Up

At Athletic Clean we are very fierce in our belief of keeping gear clean and knowledge of what grows on our equipment.

In getting your gear in with your complete team is a great step to eliminate any cross contamination opportunity.

When complete leagues get interested that really ramps us up because that means a complete enrollment has proactively cut down the risk altogether.

Our customers listen to science.

Make Your Hygiene Important

You be the judge, does your gear stink? Honestly?

Testing show your gear needs to be cleaned.

We have the best formula, conscientious staff and proven process.

Peace of mind comes with each and every piece of equipment comes with Athletic Clean.
From your skate laces to your personal laundry every care and attention to detail is given.